Mile 7283, Off the PCT

ATT72118It’s raining buckets. Nights are so chilly that I wear a wool hat and leggings under my down sleeping quilt. Slip, and you land in mud puddles so slick that you might as well be in a wrestling mosh pit.

Welcome to Nairobi in the rainy season. No, this is not some unknown place in the San Gabriel Mountains, where I should be about now in my PCT hike. It’s Kenya, elevation 5000 feet just south of the equator. Hence the rainy chill and my dreams of desert heat and cacti.

But…I’m coming back. This evening, I board a flight to LAX and by tomorrow will be holding out the proverbial hitch-hiker’s thumb to that destination of global destinations, the underpass at Interstate 10 in Gorgonio Pass where I departed for Pakistan two weeks ago.

Trail angel Paula Boydston maintains the cache that welcomes so many of us crossing that otherwise bleak flea-and-tick infested stretch of dirty sand and garbage. Asked about transport, she replied: “Pakistan, Nairobi???? And all I get is the I-10 underpass? What is wrong with this picture?”

May 2

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