Oops, Wrong Turn


Hot, dusty, dangerous. Home to the Taliban. A place of bombings and beheadings. Lifeline port for US forces in Afghanistan.

I’m on a business trip to Karachi, in southern Pakistan, 7320 miles west of PCT mileage point 2658.5. The GPS directions for returning to the trail are a bit murky, but I figure to make it back in a couple weeks.

So, a question for those of you kind enough to follow this blog: should I pick up where I left off, under Interstate 10 at Gorgonio Pass? Or should I parachute in wherever the rest of my pod happens to be, somewhere between Wrightwood and Agua Dulce?

To even ask tells you that I’m anything but a continuous-footprint-purist when it comes to hiking the PCT.

What say ye?

April 21




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